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If you’re any good at Ruby, the chance that you’re fiddling your thumbs at home, anxiously refreshing your inbox 20 times a minute hoping for a job offer, is rather slim. We know how it is.

Which is why we’ll try to sell ourselves to you here.

Ahum. Here it comes.

What makes the dev team at Silverfin special?

First of all, we build a hell of a product. Just to give you a sense of scale: our largest table has 3 billion rows. Mind you, we don’t just build Silverfin for the sake of it. Our product solves a very real problem: it automates and improves a large chunk of the repetitive tasks people working in financial services spend their time on.

Most of us work remotely. We’re based in Belgium, France, Estonia, Slovakia... Without Slack we’d be lonely, now we just zap in and out of the zone as we wish.

We’d be really happy to welcome you in our #dev channel. It’s not just virtual: we make sure we regularly get to see each other IRL too: twice a year we fly the team together in a different location across Europe.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for somebody who’s really great at developing in Ruby, and in Ruby on Rails.

  • You need to be experienced in both Ruby and Rails, and also know where the boundaries lie between them. You need to be able to code in Ruby without any of Rails’ training wheels.
  • You don’t shy away from mentoring juniors or giving in-depth feedback during code reviews.
  • You code with reason, and can justify the important decisions you made during development.
  • You know and apply best practices. That means the usual like version control, testing, and refactoring; but also good object oriented design, SOLID, ...
  • You’ve got opinions on code design and you can defend them, but you’re professional enough to not let those opinions get in the way of a consensus if necessary.


  • You have good knowledge and foresight of potential performance issues that might arise when working with large datasets.
  • You have at least 4 years of experience working with Ruby and have the scars to prove it.
  • Experienced with Rails
  • Some experience with Javascript, CoffeeScript, …


  • Passionate colleagues who share the love for ruby & rails
  • Biannual team get together somewhere in Europe
  • Plenty of technical challenges

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